Review: Kate Moss Matte Lipstick For Rimmel in Nude 113

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Hey guys!

So, if you caught my haul post yesterday, you'll have noticed that I bought the new Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Collection that Rimmel bought out recently, and I have set about swatching them for you today, as requested in the comments on that post. Next up is the shade 113, and i you missed 101, you can find it here.

Annoyingly, Rimmel haven't given these names, which seems a bit silly to me, but oh well! The next one I swatched was the nude of the collection, 113. This is what I would call a 'concealer' nude, but it is not so thick that it will erase your lips from your face. This would be the perfect companion to a nice smokey eye, or another statement look.

The packaging is very Rimmel, with the slanted top, but has a matte finish compared to the usual glossy packaging. I think the packing is a little tacky, it feels really thin and when you hold the product in your hand it doesn't really have any weight too it, but that might be me being a little picky! The lid is pretty secure though so this is perfect for chucking into your bag for touch ups etc.

The product itself is quite creamy for a matte formula, and has a strong floral scent. I am unconvinced whether I like this, as if you get it in your mouth, which of course is going to happen, it's lipstick, all you can taste is perfume. This is the one real let down of this product for me, as it had no need to be so strongly perfumed, and I can see this putting quite a few people off. The formula itself is quite pleasant apart from that, but it does clump a bit on even the slightest bit of rough skin on your lips, and I gave mine a good going over with my new Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush, but this isn't too big a problem, unless you're in the height of winter and you have horribly dry lips, and if so, avoid this like the plague. I would probably classify these as semi-matte, this one is much more 'shiny' than 101 and some of the other shades, but on the other hand it is more moisturising than MAC Ruby Woo, which is my go-to lipstick shade in this type of finish.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised that I like this colour. I have bought Creme d' Nude in the past and not really liked it, but this is much more suited to my skin tone, and I could see this becoming a popular colour for me when I go out to the pub for food with friends, or possibly uni if I'm in all day. It's a pleasant shade, but one I would consider more spring / summer than autumn / winter, and it is definitely not the most matte lipstick I have ever come across!

Have you picked up any of these yet? What did you think? I will be reviewing the rest of the shades in due course, so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Stopping by from the Followers to Friends blog hop and I wanted to say hi!

  2. Glad you did this review as I was going to buy this! Love the look of the coral one though, can't wait for your review on that! :) xo

  3. I am so digging the color! I notice that it doesn't give full coverage on the lips, but the shade is the bomb :) Pefect for smokey eyes.

    Angel was here!

  4. I was looking for a nice nude and this may be it! I think I'm going to buy it soon, thanks for the review <3

  5. It looks great!! I have some of them and i love it, in special a red one , but this color is perfet for fall

  6. This will be perfect for my tanned Indian skintone :D

  7. I love this colour so much. The matte lipsticks are amazing! xx

  8. Hello hopped over form the chaos hop, I like the look of your blog so I'm following :-)


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